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I'm a Clean Up Animator for Skullgirls as well as the Concept Clean Up for Bee and Puppycat. I also work as freelance
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finished!! pic of kl-chan’s characters

Max draws such cute stuff all the time


Commission for Jenpen

Guys. Look at this. LOOK AT THIS! *A*

(via noxi-deactivated20140930)


Continuing the trend of “getting art of Morphkind characters who don’t get nearly as much attention as they should,” here’s the Big Bad of The Only One and Breaking Down, Andréa by Cory!

Even though it’s a sketch, I really need to get better at drawing Anthros again. Glad ya like it, broski :3


Commission work!

Commissions are closing so I can prepare for the upcoming convention but I’ll still be posting the ones that I am currently working on :3b


You guys!  I’m opening up 10 commission slots to recoup what I blew on a weekend trip to Portland! XD 

Commissions are $35 for one character, full body, cell shaded, with a simple background as you see in the Perona image above. Additional characters will be +$20 each. I do nekkid pinups, but I don’t do anything explicitly sexual so you’ll have to be patient with me if I need to work with you on what you want vs what I’m willing to draw.  Boobs are ok, crotch is not ok.  I’ve done girls, anthros, boys, elves, etc so give me reference and I’ll draw it for you!

NOTE:  I only accept paypal. Sorry!

I’m going to be working off a first come first serve basis, so if you want one shoot me a tumblr message or email me at:

saratalmadge53(at)hotmail(dot) com

And if you guys can spread the word, I will be eternally grateful! ;_;

Commission for my bro Zack

His character Sara who I did my best not to cheesecake-ize like I normally do to characters and it was pretty fun! I still owe this dude another drawing of his other girl when I don’t suck at drawing her properly ; ;

I had TOO much fun drawing this commission and I’m pretty happy about it. Experimenting with painting as best as I can ; ;



Finished commission for Gage!


More progress from the livestream! :Db


More progress from the livestream! :Db

Thanks for everyone who showed up to the stream. I still have a few more to do. If you want a cheap sketch to help me get a desk click here for details!

They’re only $20!