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Girly Anatomy Tips 


I decided to draw up some tips for drawing girls, since I _think_ I know what I’m doing with them. A lot of peeps have asked for them, so here’s a bit. Will have a male one when I get really confident with the dudes (which i’m progressing nicely in that area), but for now, this will suffice. 

Let me know if there are any questions you have or anything else you’d like me to show you that’s reasonable. But just remember that you have to learn and study for yourself to get the idea. 


Other Tips:

- Using shapes for your gestures beats stick figure methods! Read this: [link] 
- Draw constantly. Don’t look at what you’re working on, and study it! Learn why certain things connect the way they do, what muscles get tense in a position and relaxed, etc. Don’t just draw what you see.
- Come up with your own visual cues to help you “see” how a form works, like the McDonald’s Arches and Megaman Boot. You’d be surprised how easy it is for you to remember how something looks!
- With women, remember, dainty and curvy lines beats hard edgy lines! No matter the size of woman’s breasts or hips or proportions, these things always apply best: Hands with less lines, thinner fingers and smaller feet. Using line minimally also bumps femininity up if you’re not confident with what you’re doing yet. And curves always! Even on the straightest line, make it a bit curvy.

Hey guys! Save this! It’s crazy useful =D

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