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I'm a Clean Up Animator for Skullgirls as well as the Concept Clean Up for Bee and Puppycat. I also work as freelance
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Dandy sketches from the past few days. One of them has sprite37's main goil Emerald 'cus it was HIS BIRTHDAY and I drew Dandy in there for the heck of it. 

Still trying to find some manner of consistency with Dandy….

Carly’s a dandy gal, you should watch her


Garfield exclusives sold like hotcakes!

So here’s a fun Comic Con story.

I came to Andrew’s booth to lend him a hand, but it more so felt like I was bummin’ around and being a leech, but I digress, and met up with my friend Ruocco who showed me drawings of Garfield as a slug. Slugfield.

I suggested, as a slug, he should ooze some sort of Italian sauce. But considering the only sauces there are is Red Pasta or White Cream sauces, that’s pretty gross.

HOWEVER, Andrew took that idea and somewhat ran with it. That’s where the “Sweatin’ Marinara” drawing came in. 

What makes it even funnier is 5 minutes after he finished the drawing, he put it on his booth and some kid bought it for $10. Surprised us.

So Andrew drew another based on another suggestion. THAT SOLD TOO!

I was taken aback the fact Andrew used the ideas I threw at him and profited off of them. I felt wonderful that my horrible suggestions scored Andrew some cash. Dude deserves it!

Seriously, watch my friend Andrew, he’s a swell guy, experienced artist, and hilarious to boot. 


Made a birthday gift for my good man, Cory. I hope you like it~


Was sprite37's birthday yesterday, so drew a simple Emerald.

thanks for the birthday drawing, dude ;u;


Bee and PuppyCat and Friends Panel

Thanks to each and every one of you who made it to the Cartoon Hangover panel at Comic-Con yesterday. We had a terrific time, and we hope you did, too.

who’s the shmuck in the yellow shirt

Gonna be out all day today at SDCC, thank you for the birthday wishes everyone! You’re all amazing :3


Cass’s character design by Hans Tseng for Bee and PuppyCat. Nice boots!


Deckard in Apron and Jammies

From this fall’s episode premiere.

Hey one of the designs I cleaned!



Who is going to San Diego Comic Con? Frederator’s Cartoon Hangover presents Bee and PuppyCat and Friends! Join Natasha Allegri (creator of Bee and PuppyCat) with cast and crew. Justin & Jesse Moynihan (creators of Cartoon Hangover’s upcoming Manly)


 ヽ( ●ヮ●)人(●ヮ● )ノ

Hey guys! If you’re going to Comic Con this week come to the Bee and Puppycat Panel! I’ll be there with everyone, come say hi and watch the panel. 

(Also say happy birthday to me cause it’s my birthday the same day, July 24th :3)


Join Andrew Knight as he joins Shovel Knight on an Adventure Knight like no other! The latest Kickstarted game by Yacht Club for the WiiU! Is it buried treasure? Let’s find out!

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Watch my friend Andrew. His E-Heroes videos are hilarious :3