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I'm a Clean Up Animator for Skullgirls as well as the Concept Clean Up for Bee and Puppycat. I also work as freelance
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“‘the hell the lights ain’t working?! Great… like I need this shit right now”

"Glad to be home…"

"Alrighty, time to go home so we can get ready!"

"This looks perfect, thank you!"
"It looks so tasty…"


on the next episode of steals cory’s sketches and colors them

So my friend Jazz spoils the shit outta me, lookit deez colors!
Also super busy workin’ so check out her stuff out

"Your order’s in the back, I’ll have it out for you in a moment."
"Thank you."

"…can I get an eclair?"

"Something smells good~!"
"I’ll bet, we’re here."




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Big update with all kinds of neat stuff and awesome people!

Watch it now please! <3

"No one could handle the shrimp of the shrimp dumplings"


(via vanillycake)

"What&#8217;s that?" "A claim ticket, we have to pick something up."

"What’s that?"
"A claim ticket, we have to pick something up."