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I'm a Clean Up Animator for Skullgirls as well as the Concept Clean Up for Bee and Puppycat. I also work as freelance
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black in america 

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i’ve made a Patreon if anyone is interested, If anyone has some good ideas for better rewards, feel free to send in some suggestions.


Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, it’s been a long busy summer, almost finished my internship.  Been working on my film as well, but I don’t want to post anything about it!  Have some twitter sketches I’ve done recently for friends.  This is pretty close to how loose I draw with storyboards I guess.

That middle lady looks familiar :3c

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Gimme a few days guys. I gotta get things sorted out (Work, personal stuff, etc.) Things have been non-stop since I got back from my trip in Cali. I’ll be uploading July’s dailies when I get everything squared away and sorted. This month I’m also gonna be doing the sketch commissions as apart of the dailies.

Thanks again for your patience, you guys are wonderful.

Also thank you very much for the birthday wishes, you guys made my birthday wonderful. I love you all.


2014JUL29 [X]

Emerald belongs to [Sprite37]!

Dead. I’m dead I’m dead I’m dead I died I’m dead.

You rock, James ;//////;

You guys need to follow this dude, he draws insanely good and super fast!


And the run of summer birthday gifts for pals like Sprite 37 and Chibitomboy begins!  I actually owed Sprite 37 for a couple years, I think! ORZ

One of my all time favorite artists online drawing me fanart? Well I believe this might be another heart attack cause GOOD LORD THIS IS A DREAM COME TRUE, SERIOUSLY IT’S TOO PERFECT!

Thank you so much dude!

Not sure how Tess is wearing Emmy’s clothes, either they shrank in the wash or she does that proportion changey thing Succubus are known to do… according to the lore *clears throat* > >;;


Made a Emerdoodle for CORY birthday yay


You’re a pal, Derek, I appreciate this. Thank yoooou ;/////;



I’m in tears! THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAWA! ;///////;

I’ll return yer kindness. Thank you again /)////////(\


Dandy sketches from the past few days. One of them has sprite37's main goil Emerald 'cus it was HIS BIRTHDAY and I drew Dandy in there for the heck of it. 

Still trying to find some manner of consistency with Dandy….

Carly’s a dandy gal, you should watch her


Garfield exclusives sold like hotcakes!

So here’s a fun Comic Con story.

I came to Andrew’s booth to lend him a hand, but it more so felt like I was bummin’ around and being a leech, but I digress, and met up with my friend Ruocco who showed me drawings of Garfield as a slug. Slugfield.

I suggested, as a slug, he should ooze some sort of Italian sauce. But considering the only sauces there are is Red Pasta or White Cream sauces, that’s pretty gross.

HOWEVER, Andrew took that idea and somewhat ran with it. That’s where the “Sweatin’ Marinara” drawing came in. 

What makes it even funnier is 5 minutes after he finished the drawing, he put it on his booth and some kid bought it for $10. Surprised us.

So Andrew drew another based on another suggestion. THAT SOLD TOO!

I was taken aback the fact Andrew used the ideas I threw at him and profited off of them. I felt wonderful that my horrible suggestions scored Andrew some cash. Dude deserves it!

Seriously, watch my friend Andrew, he’s a swell guy, experienced artist, and hilarious to boot.